Whether intentionally or by accident, you are looking at the website of a new study programme at the Faculty of Civil Envineering, Brno University of Technology. The programme is called Environmentally Efficient Buildings and its main aims are listed below. More information will follow soon.

Bachelors (bc.) will be able to

  • prepare energy concept of a nearly Zero Energy Building
  • prepare detailed building designs including design of technical systems such as HVAC
  • design energy- and cost-effective renovations of existing buildings
  • prepare a concept of effective application of renewable energy sources on existing and new buildings
  • process energy certificate of a building according to contemporary Czech regulations
  • will be able to optimize water management in buildings, including recycling and reuse of waste water

Masters (ing.) will be able to

  • comprehend and perform multi-criteria assessment of buildings
  • assess buildings with regard to acoustics, noise and vibrations and propose suitable improvements minimizing their harmful effects
  • design buildings with high quality indoor environment (e.g. hygrothermal and biological microclimate or daylighting)
  • participate on energy auditing of buildings
  • identify failures and defects in thermal performance of buildings and design their solutions
  • work in facility management: e.g. optimize cost or environmental efficiency of building operation
  • perform Life-Cycle Cost analysis of a building and utilize the results for optimization of designs or operation